© - from Marilyn


Anon or not, put a symbol in my ask

‽ - I’m too shy to talk to you

✩ - You inspire me

☼ - You make me smile

☏ - I wish we’d talk more

✌- I want to get to know you

☺ - I want to be your friend

#- I want to thank you

✓ - I like you

♣ -  I want to cuddle you

❀ - I think I’m falling for you

* - I want to kiss you

♥ - I’m in love with you

愛 - I love you

∞ - I want to date you

✤ - I would have sex with you

© - Will you be mine?


 [She stands straight as well, giggling without guilt. Of course, her cheerful mood falters once Louis mentions the damage.

Marilyn grimaces at the now broken stand and half destroyed stock of tomatoes. She gulped, thinking of how angry her parents would get if they saw this.

Still, it wasn’t like Louis intentionally did any of this. The young girl sighs, cuping her chin as she eyed the damage. There had to be some way…

Her face brightens as she thinks of a solution. Eyes now fixed on the other, Marilyn tries her best to be stern.]

Well, I have an idea on how you could repay me, but first…

[She reached into her pocket, handing the boy a handkerchief.]

You should probably..clean yourself up.

[Marilyn cracked a small smile.]

//He can’t help but feel angry at himself when he see’s Marilyns reaction to the probably costly carnage, this encounter hasn’t gone to plan at all.

However he’s thankful for the opportunity to recover some dignity, and quickly takes the handkerchief from her outstretched hand, doing his best to remove some of the mess from the now likely stained suit //


//He notices her slight smile, and seeing that perhaps she wasn’t that mad after all, he brightens up somewhat //

"So! What’ve you got in mind?"

you give the entire town lethal pot brownies

"I wish I had that much weed, lethal or not!”


[Her smile grows a bit more bashful, avioding eye contact with the other.]


 [Marilyn jumped, some tomatoe juice and seeds spraying onto her dress. Nothing the vegetable vender wasn’t use to, of course. However, she soon realizes that Louis wasn’t half as lucky.

She covers her mouth, trying to hold back a laugh. Of course seeing someone trip over was amusing, but it was wrong to laugh at other’s suspense. Or so she was taught.

Marily kneeld, checking on her companion.]


[She covers her mouth once more, trying to hold in a snicker. Poor guy—his suit was probably ruined.]

Are  you okay?

//He pauses for a second, before standing straight, trying to recover as casually as he can for someone covered in tomato remains//

"Yeah I’m alright…"

//Seeing she was struggling not to laugh, he lets out a small chuckle himself, which is cut short when he surveys the destruction he’s inflicted on the stall//

"Well…how much do I owe you for the damage ? I’m not sure if I’ll have enough.."


Y’alright too, Louis.

[Even if you smell like weed.]

But unfortunately I can’t.

[She gives a small smile and shrugs a bit.] 

//He leans on the front of the stall, smiling back//

"Aww c’mon…Not even for me?"

//Before he can say more, his hand slips and lands heavily in a pile of tomatoes, bursting half the stock and spraying juice and seeds all over his suit//


Ahem. You should treat the young miss like a lady. Woo her with enchanting words, and she will most surely be yours!~

"Oh I see, you mean go ALL out?"

"Well I’ll give it a try, I hope she likes the suit too."

"'Ey Louis. Doun't take this personally but, I think maybe Mal dun't fancy the wig much."

Wha-..really ?!”

Maan, I knew I should have got the Madoka wig instead..”

Yer well in there mate!

"Who wouldn’t want a bit of this?”

"You could learn a thing or two off me, Badge."